Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pandas and Samurais

I finally decided to get with the times here and get in on this whole "blogging" thing. It should be interesting since the extent of my computer skills are pretty much limited to checking my e-mail (and I still have problems with that some times).

Anywho, for my first post I've got some scribblings I pulled from my sketchbook of what else but of a samurai/bushido looking dude and a panda snacking on some bamboo (because samurais and pandas rule). I'll try and get around to posting a few sketches a week inbetween working on stuff (keyword being "try").
Also, a big thanks to Mr. Bernie Gonzalez for creating the banner thingy (or whatever it's called, I'm not too hip to what those crazy kids are calling things these days) at the top of this page and for helping me set up this blog and creating a gallery page for me. Check out some of Bernie's groovy artwork by clicking on the link at the right side there and you can thank me later (I'll take cans of grape soda and bags of Doritos if you have any).

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