Monday, June 30, 2008

Pumpkin Decal

To pick up some extra cash I've been designing some motorcycle decals for a few people my brother works with. The style is not done in my usual one (which is very animated and with minimal, if any, line weights) so I figured I would post one of them here for those that may be interested. Colors by my bro Michael Roanhaus.

Also, over the weekend I went to the Wizard World Chicago comic con, this year purely as a spectator and not stuck behind a table for three days (I feel your pain my artist brethren.) And while years of going to these things has left me pretty burned out, I still managed to have an okay time and pick up some cool stuff and talk to some friends I don't see too often. Still, I think most of the enjoyment from the con came from not having to sit behind a table for three days.

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