Monday, February 12, 2007

Batman Legos

Over the summer I had the chance to work on my first project for DC Comic's creative service department. This would also be my first project for one of the major comic publishers and it was quite an interesting experience, mostly because the creative service department deals with licensed properties and the company DC was creating the project for (Lego) had to oversee and approve everything (end of run-on sentence.)

This led to some interesting hours at the drawing board, as apparently, because of certain copyright and legal jargon, the Lego people can only be depicted bending their arms and legs a certain way according to whatever the design model was that was copyrighted. So I had to redraw and revise pages several times because of this and also, because some times when they'd get back to us with notes on corrections and whatnot, the corrections would either be incredibly vague or contradictory(the whole situation is kind of funny now that I think about it.)

Finally, the Lego people were in New York for something or other, and met up with the editor on the project and we got things straightened out. Overall though I had a blast working on the project and I got pre-built Batman Lego toys to use for reference out of it too. Though I'm not too sure that many people actually got to see the final product, as it was given away at last year's San Diego Comic Con at the Lego booth. The only way I got copies of it were from some friends that attended the con. To anyone that did get a copy of it, I hope ya liked it. I'll probably put the final colored pages up in the gallery page eventually.

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